Vilgain Organic Peanut Butter

1517 Ratings

Delicious, delicious taste in porridges, on pancakes 👌

Perfect for porridge or shakes <3

Classic butter good mild full-bodied taste

Really tastes like peanuts again


Absolutely yummy! :)

I haven't tasted it yet. But I like arasida butter the best of all butters, and I suppose Aktinu will be the top.

the first pack was quite dry, I could barely scrape it out of the jar. The second pack was great, perfect in taste and consistency. I like that the peanuts are chopped into larger pieces.

Hi Kristi, we're so glad you liked the butter! Feel free to contact us immediately at if you are unsure of the correct consistency and quality of the product. We will be happy to review the product together. Have a nice day

Great price for 100% peanut butter, taste excellent.