Organic Peanut Butter

270 Ratings

A bit disappointing - I liked R3ptile better, it had a much stronger taste. I think next time I'll buy from a competitor for a similar price, but a bigger package...


The best pure peanut butter you can get today, I'm buying for the umpteenth time!


Awesome liquid consistency, which I'm glad for, tastes luxurious. Definitely not the last time I ordered :)


The whole family loves him. I originally bought it for myself, but whoever tasted it started munching with me. It's great in porridge, I really like the smooth consistency.


I found the taste slightly bitter, the previous one was not. But it fulfils its purpose.


Very good pb, I just recommend mixing a lot from the bottom, otherwise you will be left with a hard mass at the end.

I love love love the consistency and the taste🤤

I love this peanut butter, as just a topping, for baking or maybe for peanut sauce!

The consistency is great but the taste is too roasted and you can't feel the sweetness of the peanuts at all

That's it! The best of the best peanut butter. Amazing consistency and that taste?! When I land a huge spoonful of this butter in my porridge with a banana in the morning, that's when I feel alive 😂