Organic Psyllium

66 Ratings

Zde objednano poprve, uzivam denne jiz nejaky ten patek a na doplneni vlakniny optimalni. Ucinky zatim pozitivni.

I add it to smoothies, oatmeal, I also like it alone in yogurt - it has a neutral to slightly sweet taste. 2 lyses a day and I immediately have a better intake of fiber in my diet :)

Great, very good in yoghurt. Satisfaction :)

to porridge I LOVE!

Psyllium in a big package, finally! 💜 I add to yogurt or porridge.

I am very satisfied with psyllium BIO and my cat, who has to be fed it in his food for better emptying :-) It's great!

simply psyllium, a great thing for digestion

Finally a big package! :) I add fiber to homemade breads, porridges, cooking. One teaspoon and the nutritional value of anything is much better.

Personally, I like it very much (but I wouldn't compare it to the taste of cheese - I don't recommend it as a substitute for cheese taste), Suitable for: white yoghurt and dressings, creamy pasta and rice

Classic psyllium and it's supr price. Bomba :D