Organic Spelt Flour

121 Ratings

I recommend

Great for baking, I thicken sauces with it. Super resealable bag!

I use almost no other for baking!

I bake mainly from it❤️

Great for baking

I often use spelt flour as a substitute for regular flour, but I have occasionally had an undercooked cake. With this flour, it hasn't happened to me even once and it tastes healthier 😍 I recommend it for healthy baking lovers!

Excellent flour

Spelt flour is my number one choice for baking and cooking of all kinds. In buns, cakes, yeast pastries and ordinary pancakes it behaves just like classic wheat flour. So you can use it to transform any grandma's dessert into a healthier version.

It's great, and when I run out, it's really annoying.

Awesome spelt flour. :-)