Organic Spelt Pizza Base, ready-made spelled dough for quick pizza preparation

44 Ratings

I was worried it wouldn't be good,but now I'm glad I ordered it and tasted it, it's a quick fix for dinner.One downside is the crumbling, so I don't recommend moving it around too much and leaving the package flat.Recommended☺️

Lame needs to be handled carefully but otherwise the taste is excellent..

raw is a bit tearing, otherwise after baking great!

Quick and delicious lunch

The dough is more fragile, good to brush it with oil first. Otherwise great

The dough tasted good, but unfortunately it was tearing.

Hi Danko, pizza base from spelt flour is more fragile than from regular flour. More care is needed when removing from the packaging and handling. Have a nice day.

Great, fast and very good pizza.

I love classic pizza bases, so I had to try this one made from spelt flour right away. It won me over just as much as the other option. Plus, a big plus that there are 3 bases in the package.

Just like the classic base, this variant is also great in taste, composition and simplicity!

Taste very good, but the dough tears a lot.

Hi, thanks for the response? When did your pancakes tear? You can send a reply to the email you have in your inbox. We'd be happy to check. Have a nice day