Organic Spelt Pizza Base

227 Ratings

I love crispy edges on pizza, this one crisps all over. Perfect

Top quickie for lunch during rainy days, I might even just prefer spelt dough to the classic one 🤭🍕🍕🍕🍕

Excellent, just breaks a bit

Yes I have ordered for several times and now lately the terrible quality is breaking and it is not what it used to be 🤔

Very nice, for me it tastes even better than the classic one.

Very convenient, fast and easy, I recommend!

Best to always have on hand

The dough crumbles a lot and is very fragile, so be very careful with it. The dough tastes delicious and I also praise the simple, clean ingredients and quick preparation. 😌

The dough is very tasty, but it is thinner than the one from the classic muka, but the taste is delicious, I recommend it for a quick dinner 👌

Excellent pizza dough, soft and tasty. My boyfriend likes it too and he is used to the classic "pigs". I really recommend it!

Total gamechanger! Quick preparation, TOP taste and SUPER composition!