Organic Tortilla crackers

46 Ratings

Tastes good, but terribly hard.

They are quite hard, the flavor of flaxseed, oregano and garlic is slightly bitter

They taste really good, but they are terribly hard.

This was soooooooo good.

Avocado guacamole and Vilgain Tortilla Crackers will presse just right for gluten free, awesome product :)

Tasty crackers for travel, work, trip

Amazing taste and great for TV or work!

Taste very good, but they are too hard for my taste.

Compared to the previous crackers, which were still under the actin brand, this is something completely different. 100% better taste and as an evening snack to eat a total bomb!

This?! That was good! I love the Vilgain brand, it's second to none. The best quality on the market.