Organic Veggie Spread

98 Ratings

Super helper in the kitchen - Excellent taste. Perfect composition. Fine texture. 👏 Spreads are suitable for sourdough bread, tortilla, but also as an added ingredient in pasta. I would have liked a larger package. 🤓🙂 If you wanted to expand the flavors😏, I think ala hokkaido squash, spinach or maybe some oriental blend would be interesting.


If you like hummus, you'll love this spread. The ingredients are delicious and the taste is authentic. It tastes exactly as you expect when you see the ingredients. Personally, I like to add a little chilli to it.

excellent spread with great ingredients

Delicious in both variations. I couldn't resist making recipes with them and devoured them simply by spreading them on bread 😋

Excellent spread that I put on bread or just with vegetables as a hummus dip. I highly recommend it!!

I think this spread will be tasty for everyone who doesn't need "classic hummus". Absolutely perfect with crackers and veggies. <3

Yummy yummy! I wouldn't call it hummus, because then you'll be disappointed. But it's a great vegetable spread for few kcal. For me very much approved!

Excellent spread or something like hummus. With veggies, pasta, in short, meow!

Taste good, but the price seems to me quite higher

So this is one of my favorite things about Aktinu! I love having chopped veggies with watching a movie or TV show, and having this spread as a dip was the best idea.