Organic Veggie Spread

147 Ratings

Delicious, tomatoes/pesto without unnecessary sugars :)

It's great that Aktin came with savory spreads. The taste is really great, not to mention the ingredients

I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes hummus and tomatoes :)

Pure composition, excellent taste Provençal with paprika is a little more pronounced

Excellent for rice sandwich 👌

Very good with vegetables😌

This is more of a flavored hummus, but very good! I personally love hummus with veggies or kale, so this product won me over.

I was expecting it to taste different than the hummus they have in Lidl, it will be more like a dip, but the taste is definitely not bad, it's a classic flavored hummus☺️

top top top!

Super helper in the kitchen - Excellent taste. Perfect composition. Fine texture. 👏 Spreads are suitable for sourdough bread, tortilla, but also as an added ingredient in pasta. I would have liked a larger package. 🤓🙂 If you wanted to expand the flavors😏, I think ala hokkaido squash, spinach or maybe some oriental blend would be interesting.