Organic Whole Grain Rye Bread

203 Ratings

Favourable price, very fresh. This becomes a disadvantage when it breaks often, but otherwise great.

Great, I'll take it again.

Very tasty.

The best rye bread - If you like these breads, this one is a MUST have 🙏🏻 Plus - the ingredients are unbeatable ! 😭🥰

Super fiber supplement :))

Výborný a sytý žitný chléb

Very good guy with a great formula. Fine if there are no fresh pastries at home.

If I don't have fresh sourdough on hand, I reach for this rye bread, which is delicious in taste and nutrition. Just one or two slices with prosciutto, egg, avocado and I'm full for hours. It's already pre-sliced, so it's also practical and a time saver :)

Excellent! One slice is enough to fill me up.

Along with Tootsie, my favorite pastry. I don't eat any others anymore!