279 Ratings

I love the whole peanuts inside

I have peanut butter running through my veins, so I really enjoy the taste! I love this crunch! Try using it in recipes, or savory too!

I don't know why I avoided peanut butter for so long! I absolutely love this crunchy version!

The best peanut crunchy butter on the market! 10/10! :)

I love nut butters... But this is the absolute best butter, I can't resist going for it all the time and that doesn't happen to me much.

Whether it's R3ptile, Aktin or Vilgain, these nut butters are second to none!

Great peanut butter. I totally fell for it when combined with lemon, soy sauce/honey hoisin sauce with some veggies, tofu and rice or noodles. And for making homemade candy bars it's divine too!

Best peanut butter I've ever had.

For not having had these butters before, I was pleasantly surprised. The consistency is really great and those peanuts, ♥ yummy.

Excuse me, but this? PERFECTION!!