Performance Seamless Bra

58 Ratings

Fits great, but more like a size M

Probably the best I've ever had 🤩

Great fit, nice material. You don't even feel that you are wearing a bra!

solid material that super holds. Sometimes I wear it as a top as part of a casual outfit

For me, these basic pieces are a must-have for every closet!

Perfect fit, nice material.

The bra has great support for the breasts. It looks beautiful. ☺️

Perfection. You can't see anything through the double layer of fabric, it shapes nicely and fits perfectly, it doesn't press anywhere. Serves great as a crop top as well as a gym bra. Super buy!

Great for both civilian and sport. Comfortable to wear.

Very nice bra that hides everything and keeps everything in place (even larger breasts). It doesn't press anywhere and looks very nice as a top. 🖤