Piemonte hazelnut butter

34 Ratings

Delicious nut butter 😋!

the best hazelnut butter, you just feel the taste of those quality nuts

One of the best butters I've ever had. It tastes like toffee!!

A very delicious affair... I made Vegan Monte from the recipes on this site. Absolute addiction.

For me this butter is perfect for sweet porridge with protein, the butter is not sweet so it fits nicely into a sweet dish. But the taste is good, this is perhaps the first time I've come across butters that actually taste like nuts🫶🏼

Yes yes yes! Incredible taste, one of the best butters since Vilgain💔

amazing flavor and beautiful liquid 😍

This is heaven! I expected a lot, but it exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the 100% composition and the high quality of the nuts, it is very distinctive and sweet. Plus, it's ultra soft, so even a spoonful coats the whole porridge <3

Very very very good, for hazelnut lovers this is perfect, they smell lovely and there is no sugar or other flavour present 🥰

Completely identical to Ferrero Rocher chocolate.