Piemonte hazelnut butter

10 Ratings

This is heaven! I expected a lot, but it exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the 100% composition and the high quality of the nuts, it is very distinctive and sweet. Plus, it's ultra soft, so even a spoonful coats the whole porridge <3

Very very very good, for hazelnut lovers this is perfect, they smell lovely and there is no sugar or other flavour present 🥰

Completely identical to Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Wonderful scent of hazelnuts! Anyway, I was expecting something a bit different from the taste. But I believe that there will be a bunch of you who will definitely like it😊

Great butter. Really soft and runny, full of hazelnut flavour. Better than I expected!

The butter has a great liquid consistency even after coming out of the fridge, the taste is a bit bitter. But otherwise a good nut butter.