Vilgain Pistachios Dry Roasted

47 Ratings

Super delicious, I will definitely order again.

Great quality.

Really nice green and tasty pistachios, will order bigger package next time :)

The roasted pistachios are not really good in taste but that is probably due to the lack of salt I deliberately do without.

I recommend mnaka

Roasted salted pistachios are just the top! 🤤

I love these pistachios even though they are salty but all the more delicious.

Great quality and really big pieces of pistachios, I definitely recommend and will buy another pack:)

It doesn't offend but I expected a little more

I agree, well, I liked them until I found some broučky☺️ well what the hell 🙂

Wavy, softened, as if they had caught mould from the damp

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