Vilgain Plant Protein Candy Bar

315 Ratings

One of the best protein bars on the market. It's soy-free, it's even vegan. Top,top,top,top

One of the better protein bars :) the pea protein doesn't smell so it tastes like a classic whey protein bar, plus it contains whole hazelnuts which is great :)

Peanut is excellent. When I'm craving a treat, I'll have this bar. Yummy

Very good bar, you can not feel that it is with vegetable protein

A great travel helper 😊

Yummy yummy

Great, I'm just sorry I didn't order a big package straight away because I've already eaten them all😁🤣😁🤣

M i l l u j u. Mostly hazelnut flavor, but the best Vilgain vegan snack.

Salted caramel is delicious

The indispensable travel buddy