Plant Protein Candy Bar

121 Ratings

A pleasant surprise. Vegan bars usually taste like sand, but this is moist and tasty.

Satisfying and great if you are a chocolate lover - the chocolate coating is really great. The size is however a bit too small and I would not be able to distinguish between the three flavours, they are very similar.

Great! For being vegan, she was so pleasantly surprised

Perfection 👌🏻 This was really good ❤️

Great! And that's the veggie version

I liked the bars, hazelnut probably the best. I just don't understand why there are peanuts in all of them, it makes them unnecessarily similar.

Slany karamel je najlepsi, super, ze su vegan. Co je mozno minus, nemaju az tak vela bielkovin (asi preto su aj chutnjejsie ako ta 40 g tycinka peanut butter).

The first vegan bars that taste great! Ingredients a blast. All three flavors were good.

Úžasná karamelova chut

Very nice quick snack;)