Vilgain Plant Protein Pancake Mix BIO

37 Ratings

Great for a quick breakfast/brunch, but it's not very sweet, so I would have put some flawdrops or stevia in the batter already.

I guess it's a matter of habit, they taste a little different but they're good :)

Easy to prepare, gluten and sugar free. I added cinnamon and chicory syrup and they are perfect even just nasucho❤️ and they don't tear!

ready-made pancakes do not taste good

Hi Miriam, thank you for your review. Vegan mix has a specific taste, but you can improve your recipe by adding dark chocolate, banana, cinnamon, etc. You can share your recipe with us on Instagram. Have a nice day

I appreciate the composition and the vegan option, but next time I will not buy, it's not good :/

Taste very good, but the pancakes are torn down.

Hi Terko, for a better consistency of the dough, we recommend to choose oat milk from the plant milks, as it has a thicker texture 🥣. Add a drop of oil to the pan intended for pancakes 😊, it will definitely go better! Have a nice day.

I'm used to a lot of things, but this doesn't taste good at all. The pancakes/fritters are impossible to make because they tear, they don't hold their shape at all. Waste of money for me.

Hi Veronika, thank you for sharing your experience. We recommend preparing the pancakes on a non-stick pan with a little oil. Have a nice day.

I personally don't like them and the dough is quite stiff

Hi, try adding more milk (or plant milk) and mixing thoroughly to make the dough thinner. It also depends on the type of plant milk used, some are thicker and may affect the consistency of the final pancakes more. You can also mix with a stick mixer. Have a nice day