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Great satisfaction. I haven't had such a good workout in a long time. Gradual slower ramp up, but for an hour I felt immortal :D No bloating or nausea. I'd knock off half a star for the flavour - you don't get much enjoyment out of this one.

It prepared me quite well for the workout, I could feel the beta alanine and I'm quite used to it, I dare say. As for the taste, it's not sour, but it has that unpleasant "dry" tail, nothing you can't drink but I don't drink it with taste. I'm using it up, but I don't think I'll order it again.

It delivers what it promises, the taste and solubility is good. Only the recommended dosage for a 50 kg woman is a bit too much, so girls beware :-D

Hi Sylvia, thank you for the positive feedback. We are glad that you are enjoying the product. It is advisable to start with half the dosage if you are underweight, and also if you are not used to taking similar dietary supplements with higher caffeine content. Have a nice day 🌸.

The taste is really terrible. Otherwise normal.