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Taste not much, but works well

Extreme surprise, they really said PRE WORKOUT. Mi lu ju, as just a small amount is enough. The taste could byte better, but over all banger.


The flavor is quite sour, but it does not bother me

Taste interesting, but works well.

I don't mind the taste so much, it's not delicious but when mixed with a little more water it's drinkable. It was my first time so I don't know how to compare, but for me it was great, it kicked extremely and I had a great time exercising - and I only had half a dose.

So far the best pre-workout I've had, also suitable for keto, low carb diet as it is used as a sweetener: stévia❣️

Works 20/10 but the flavor is eew🤢. I like red orange, grapefruit, lime, tonic, just sour and bitter. But this was created by someone mixing everything into a perfectly functional pre-workout, tasting it, and because it was bitter, slapping a sticker on it that said "red orange". When I add a dash of Bolero grapefruit tonic flavor (buy that if you really like bitter citrus), it overpowers the crazy flavor it has. I'm done and definitely won't buy again until they make something with that flavor. Too bad, because it really does dip, stomp, slap. If only it didn't taste like moldy beets.

I don't really understand how anyone can be bothered by the taste when it tastes exactly as it's called. Maybe a little bitter, but that's how you go to practice, not drink it at dinner. Very good.

Just one scoop is enough for me😃 the taste is quite fine if you don't mind the sweet and bitter taste, you will manage without any problem.. ✌🏻

Great satisfaction. I haven't had such a good workout in a long time. Gradual slower ramp up, but for an hour I felt immortal :D No bloating or nausea. I'd knock off half a star for the flavour - you don't get much enjoyment out of this one.