Pre-workout without stimulants

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Sourer taste. Great for the evening, I'm not like a jet mouse after a workout. I'll use the newly charged energy directly during my workout. I'd take another flavour too :)

v poho stimu-free preworkout

Reliable kick 💪 Ideal pre-workout if you work out in the evening or in the afternoon and want to give your workout your best, even if you are tired. 🌙 It REALLY perked me up during my workout and I was able to sleep well afterwards! As for the taste, this orange flavor is very pleasant for some maybe slightly sour , but that's mainly the citrulline content. The important thing is that it does not taste artificial.

It is true that the taste is not very good (very sour), but I was pleasantly surprised by the effect! It really made a significant difference in how I felt during the workout and how I managed to perform. I would appreciate some other flavours in the future though.

Pretty sour, otherwise fine.

Very great product from the Vilgain series. I am not a fan of these "kickers" but I must admit that both the composition and the purpose of use surprised me. No heartbeat, nor any overdone bitterness, or feeling like you "took something". It simply gives you a kick, with no side discomforts.

Definitely the TOP caffeine-free pre-workout for me. No tingling in the ears, no crash, gentle energy, no MEGA blast in the body and no shakes. I recommend.

Quite sour, but it works great. You can really feel the difference in concentration and pumping.

Long term ranked in the TOP 3 of my favourite products ever. I've been working out for a long time, I've had almost everything on the market and I have to say this product is just what you need before a workout. The perfect combination of amino acids so that you boost performance without mindlessly overdosing on (cheap) caffeine. It could just be less acidic :-)

A great pre-workout (not a kicker) without caffeine. For the best treatment of your body when training in the late hours of the day unchangeable.