Pre-workout without stimulants

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Long term ranked in the TOP 3 of my favourite products ever. I've been working out for a long time, I've had almost everything on the market and I have to say this product is just what you need before a workout. The perfect combination of amino acids so that you boost performance without mindlessly overdosing on (cheap) caffeine. It could just be less acidic :-)

A great pre-workout (not a kicker) without caffeine. For the best treatment of your body when training in the late hours of the day unchangeable.

I only picked it up to try it out, but the next time I buy it, I'm taking the whole pack. 🙃

The powder is smelled, but it is definitely not unpleasant. Like vitacite. Even my husband comes to let me take it before exercise. Definitely not the last pack.

The orange is a bit sour, but that's probably the citrulline. However, it smells lovely, tastes good, dissolves well and works great. I have a caffeine allergy and even weak coffee would turn me off. ❤️ Finally a functional pre-workout without stimulants🥰

Ideal pre-workout (kicker) if you work out in the evening or in the afternoon like me and want to give your workout your best, even if you are tired. It does not contain caffeine and therefore you can fall asleep normally after it. I don't use it every day, but it comes in handy when I'm exhausted and want to pull off a quality workout.

It dissolves badly, but if you're patient it will eventually dissolve :D It's quite sour, but it's easy to drink.

One of the pre-workout products without caffeine, teins and other stimulants, which are not many on the market. It will add zest to your evening workout, boost your training performance, concentration without worrying about your heart or your well-deserved sleep. It's also good for late night and evening studying, and I suspect I'll be drinking it instead of water during exams. :D

I don't really like kicks, but from time to time I'm in the mood for something to eat, and since I train mostly in the afternoon, a caffeine-free pre-workout is just the ticket!:)

If you don't want a caffeinated kicker, this is the obvious choice. The problem is a bit with water solubility, but you get used to the fact that there is a little powder left on the bottom.