Pre-workout without stimulants

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The taste is more powdery, but it's a pre-workout. I take it before the evening gym, for me it does what it's supposed to.

tastes good but when you drink it you can feel the powder in your mouth but otherwise it does what it's supposed to do

It's not over-sweetened, which is positive. Nice kick:)

First time I've tried pre-workout, I think it may be :)

The best partner for evening workouts or caffeine withdrawal. The more experienced will definitely appreciate the correct dosage of citrulline and the overall composition.

It's fine, it kicks in, I can fall asleep at night, it's just a bit less soluble, but it serves its purpose:) and the flavour itself is cool:)

Citrus flavour before workout always refreshes and kicks in at the same time 🤪

Sourer taste. Great for the evening, I'm not like a jet mouse after a workout. I'll use the newly charged energy directly during my workout. I'd take another flavour too :)

v poho stimu-free preworkout

Reliable kick 💪 Ideal pre-workout if you work out in the evening or in the afternoon and want to give your workout your best, even if you are tired. 🌙 It REALLY perked me up during my workout and I was able to sleep well afterwards! As for the taste, this orange flavor is very pleasant for some maybe slightly sour , but that's mainly the citrulline content. The important thing is that it does not taste artificial.