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I'm a bit bothered by the annoying tail at the end, but it serves its purpose 😊

Moc super🤗 urcite bych ocenila i dalsi prichute at se toho clovek neprepije. ( treba jahodova prichut by bylo uplne top😅)

Bomba 💪🏼 Fakt super nakopávač

As some people write here that the taste is not much, I can not agree! I don't know if it has changed but I don't care about the taste at all! It's not like a fancy orange but nobody expects that. It does its job✨

The best preworkout and we want another flavor! ❤ - So this is a total blast!!! ❤ It tastes just like Tang, but it kicks me into gear like nothing else. :) I'm only putting half a point down because I would appreciate some flavor like raspberry, mango, passion fruit, etc. 😊 P.S. But if you're going to preworkout LESS coffee during the day. I once had 2 coffees and a kicker in the afternoon and got such a headache that I had to go to bed anyway instead of the gym. :D

Taste horribly sour rather lemon than orange, but very good composition plus also grams of active ingredients ( they are not underdosed) the only flaw to perfection is beta alanine. Overall the price-performance ratio super.

I'm not much of a kicker, but I'll have one from time to time and it's great! :) it works and the taste suits me!

After reading the reviews I was quite skeptical because I ordered the kicker before I checked the reviews, but I have to say that for me it tastes good compared to the others (Agreez, Beast and PRE) and as far as function goes I can't give it anything but a full score :)

Great taste when you need help !

The taste when I first drank it was so bad that I didn't even finish it. Anyway, I gave it a second chance, and even though it's not (for me) great, I don't mind drinking it.