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Great ingredients, great taste, although I wasn't expecting it, I like blueberry the best ♥ What annoys me though, is stocking a few pieces and only some flavours....I want to order both blueberry and white chocolate, but in one order...You stock one and before the second one is in stock, the first one sells out, so it's happened to me x times :(

I'm the same way, I've been waiting for a long time for the cinnamon roll flavour to be stocked. I want to buy at least 5 bars and every time this flavor is available, I can add one, sometimes two at most, to my cart... I don't want to buy 2 bars for about 100,- and pay another 100,- for shipping, it seems pointless...

Super consistency (not dry) is nice and smooth and really coconutty. For me TOP. Tastes similar to Rafaelo 😍🥰❤

Finally, a great protein bar without chemical taste and with a great composition. Thumbs up :)

Very good bar, top of the protein bar market for me.

Excellent composition and taste.

Without a doubt the best protein bars you can get here. Both in composition and taste. They're filling and don't taste too sweet. Coconut is the top!

Tycinka jogurt/boruvka 🔝!!!!

A delicious bar that fills you up, gives you energy, tastes divine and at the same time adequate to the name of the flavour - and all this without artificial sweeteners. Great job and I look forward to more flavours!

Totally awesome candy bar! ❤️

skvela prirozena chut!