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The best protein bars. 😍

Filling and tastes good :-)

I have to say that the improvement here was a real improvement. In the previous version still under the brand Aktin I liked only 3 flavors, here all are great. I couldn't eat the nougat and blueberry before, they were too hard and the nougat was tasteless... and now the nougat is the best of the bunch for me. I also like the blueberry now and it's beautifully soft. I buy these bars along with flapjack regularly.

Aktin/Vilgain protein bars...exactly what you expect from functional bars - great ingredients, balanced ratio of nutrients and a totally nutty taste that makes you feel like you're eating dessert :P And my ranking of favourites? - nougat aka fererro - white chocolate - sweet - coconut aka Flint - blueberry - a fresh yummy thing -cinnamon roll - not for me because I smell too much peanut 😊

Do I have to write anything? These protein actives are just the best. Nougat/hazelnut: This one leads the pack for me among all protein bars! If you like dark chocolate, you'll enjoy this one. First place out of four. White chocolate/almond: This one is reminiscent of marzipan in flavor and comes in 2nd place for me. Cinnamon Roll: As a cinnamon lover, I rank this flavor right up there in 3rd place, but it deserves 2nd place too, if I'm being fair :D Coconut: Everyone said it tastes like Raffello....and they were right! But it still came in 4th in my ranking.

My most favorite bar❤️ I guess I'll go with cinnamon roll as the top flavor since I'm the biggest cinnamon lover far and wide🌝 but all the flavors are worth it!

Great subtle taste of coconut, filling and I have a new addiction!

KOKOS: for the reviews it got, it's not good for the money 👎. It smells wonderful, taste none, stiff as anything and chewing one bite for 5 min is not pleasant 😅. PINE: totally different than coconut, smells wonderful, soft and the taste is the most 👌👌💕 cinnamon roll: it tasted like gingerbread to me, there's more than enough cinnamon 🥰 a bit harder than blueberry, but a big mnamka

Best protein bars ever, love the coconut ones 😍

Le barrette proteiche sono una snack molto versatile, io essendo che spesso sono fuori le utilizzo molto. I gusti sono tutti buoni soprattutto cioccolato bianco e nocciole