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Great ingredients, great taste, although I wasn't expecting it, I like blueberry the best ♥ What annoys me though, is stocking a few pieces and only some flavours....I want to order both blueberry and white chocolate, but in one order...You stock one and before the second one is in stock, the first one sells out, so it's happened to me x times :(

I'm the same way, I've been waiting for a long time for the cinnamon roll flavour to be stocked. I want to buy at least 5 bars and every time this flavor is available, I can add one, sometimes two at most, to my cart... I don't want to buy 2 bars for about 100,- and pay another 100,- for shipping, it seems pointless...

Bars great, but the availability is crazy, I've been waiting at least a month for them. They don't keep them in stock for at least a day, it's driving me crazy.

These bars are a blast - quite possibly the best on the market (at least in terms of ingredients), but the availability is just K-A-T-A-S-T-R-O-F-A. Of course, I don't see your processes, but I'm guessing this sort of thing won't sell marginally and therefore makes even more sense. This would need work and maybe give some slightly more specific stocking info than: availability unknown, set watch :) And as one comment here said - you don't want the money :)

For me the best, both in composition and taste. The blueberry is top. What bothers me is that they're always sold out. Always out of stock. What's the problem?

Hi Lenka, thank you for your feedback. We are working on improving the availability of the bars. We will be expanding the product range soon, so be sure to keep an eye on our newsletter where you will hear everything soon :). Have a nice day.

So far I have tried the white coco/mandle, the taste is excellent, but it took me a lot of work to eat it all, in the sense of getting used to it, my hinges were hurting 😂

When will it be in stock?😭

The white chocolate/almond and coconut bars are amazing. Unfortunately, once in a while an order comes in where the bars taste a little different (and in short, not good). They have a different consistency. They are stickier and the ingredients don't seem to be mixed well. Together with the poor availability and high price, this means for me a return to Barebells:/

Hey, Susan, that's weird. We still make the bars using the same recipe. If you have the packaging, be sure to send us the batch number to our email podpora@aktin.cz. Thank you :).

I won't repeat the shopping, but I ate on the road. when hungry....

This is really the best (and best quality!) protein bar I've ever had, it tastes exactly like Flint 😍

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