16 Ratings

Great! Mix of proteins at a very good price. Easy to dissolve, not bloating and the chocolate tastes good. Sweet just right

Not as disgusting as other proteins :-)

The protein has a slightly different consistency, I don't feel the coconut there very much but the taste suits me, it is pleasantly sweet and from this protein I have the creamiest porridge

Pretty good taste ☺️ but I was more interested in the peanut flavour. This one just smells too artificial and I don't taste the chocolate as much. The ingredients are good though.

Absolutely top notch! In the morning porridge absolutely top!

Aroma - top (5/5) Taste - one of the best on actin (5/5) Solubility - very good (5/) Consistency - creamy, more so than grassfed whey, which is great for me (5/5)

Ingredients and price fine, taste-wise it is a little bit behind the classic Whey protein.