Protein Crispbread BIO

40 Ratings

I love :)

Super change. Super snack with hummus or tuna

I recommend everyone to try it :)

Super sandwiches, quick snack tasty and balanced

Yummy! I don't really like crackers and stuff like that and hardly consume them, but this is so good that I'll probably buy it over and over again. It's really good with eggs or just cream cheese and ham, but also on its own :) Plus they have a clean formula with extra protein!

Very good, can be eaten alone.

Delicious, kind of like Druid vegetable sandwiches.

So these are the best protein breads I've had, they fill me up too, just have 3 pieces.

When you take 50g slices, you can smell the protein a bit. Otherwise fine :)

This didn't taste very good for me.