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I put in everything where there should be a crunchy element... In yogurt, cottage cheese... They're perfect in nut butters

They crisp up beautifully, are tasteless, so they have versatile use

Omg! I love them. It's probably not for everyone, but I appreciate the non-sweetness, I can choose how to flavor them and what to mix them with. Nice crunch and super protein content. So perfect for me, I would order by the pound!

I was afraid of the taste, but it's amazing, I put it on porridge

Great addition to porridge and such :)

It has no taste, so it goes with everything. For yoghurt, porridge, pudding, pancakes... just anywhere you need to add protein. For me, very fain🥰

perfect protein packed topping, has no taste but adds crunch 😉

Tasteless, but great crunch. Good for porridge.

I like to add crisps to my yoghurt or granola / muesli when I want to increase the protein in my food.. crisps crunch great and yoghurt takes on a different dimension

I love it, a great addition to yoghurt, or even porridge when protein is lacking;-)