R2E Organic Black Beans

91 Ratings

Great for salad 🥗😊

The whole R2E series is a great time saver! Legumes are time consuming and these no longer need to be cooked in any way - just use as preferred. Tastes very good too, especially as a student I use quite often :)

I just love these beans, I buy them all the time, it's brilliant.

A wonderful thing for a quick lunch , dinner in a salad or with meat.

I'm glad they can be bought in packaging like this. For adding to salads or pasta 😊 they are the perfect choice.

can be :)

Super beans, they are already cooked so you can use them right away. I like them in salads, tortillas and chilli con carne.

Great, makes my job easier 👍🏼

They're great and they're not. As far as quality goes, they're great. The other thing is the taste. It's not bad, but it's not much different from other black beans I make at home. Only if you don't like to eat legumes, maybe, it would be good to include in your diet at least like this.

A bit harsh for my taste.