R2E Organic Black Beans

62 Ratings

Super beans, they are already cooked so you can use them right away. I like them in salads, tortillas and chilli con carne.

Great, makes my job easier 👍🏼

They're great and they're not. As far as quality goes, they're great. The other thing is the taste. It's not bad, but it's not much different from other black beans I make at home. Only if you don't like to eat legumes, maybe, it would be good to include in your diet at least like this.

A bit harsh for my taste.

I order regularly and stuff into everything I can - salads, wraps, etc. :) A great quick fix to replenish veggies and protein.

These black beans are very nice for Vilgain wrap :-)

A great option if you're not in a hurry, or you're travelling somewhere and need to add protein to your meal! Just tear the wrapper and you're done!

Ideal if you need to replenish protein and don't have much time. I add to meals as a side dish or in salads.

A quick source of protein when I'm not in a hurry.

Well this is love ❤️ I love Mexican food, which is where black beans come in, and it's harder to find them, and when you do, it's usually already some kind of semi-finished product, so I bought this as soon as it was new 😅 Well I'm thrilled, and I've already had more packs and have more in my cart! They're really great, plus you can just dump them out of the bag and that's it 😅 However, I recommend trying to make frijoles refritos 😍.