Raspberries Lyophilized

280 Ratings

Sour but good

A little sour but I don't mind

excellent fruit, some of which has been broken by transport or storage.

Hello, if damaged goods arrive, please contact podpora@aktin.cz directly with a photo and we will be happy to deal with you. Have a nice day!

Great, very tasty even for a 2 year old daughter.

Delicious when soaked a bit almost like fresh.

Nice and sour

Delicious, crunchy raspberries!

Flakes + cinnamon + chia + freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries. I didn't expect to like this breakfast, although I was rather excited about how it made me feel. Awesome.

I bought them for my one year old daughter, but my husband also likes them in a mixture of nuts and coconut flakes.

Freeze-dried fruit is the best partner for winter. Thanks to the gentle technology, the fruit retains a lot of vitamins so you don't have to lose them even out of season. This one from vilgain is beautifully crunchy😍