Raspberries Lyophilized

115 Ratings

They are in the right packaging, where they do not get wet and keep their crispness. Taste like raspberry😸

I prefer to freeze fresh classic...

Unsweetened freeze-dried raspberries, suitable for year-round consumption due to the minimal amount of sugar they contain. Great in yoghurt, porridge, homemade granola, cake,..

A little sour, but fine in the casseroles.

A great addition to oatmeal, for example

I love it! Beautifully sweet and crunchy 🖤

I have 2 packs, they are great, they were gone within a week 😊

I use it for almost everything or just eat it for the heck of it. Fortunately, they're a little sour, so I don't eat them right away.

Beautifully crispy, great in yoghurt.

Nothing to fault. :)