Raspberries Lyophilized

218 Ratings

Freeze-dried fruit is the best partner for winter. Thanks to the gentle technology, the fruit retains a lot of vitamins so you don't have to lose them even out of season. This one from vilgain is beautifully crunchy😍

excellent, quality, recommended

I order for the second time, as always excellent.

Your porridge will thank you!

are soo good, love the as topping

The best lyo raspberries 😍 in porridge or just to eat 😁

I love raspberries and these are absolutely delicious!

Slightly sour, but otherwise great. Beautifully crispy and tastes like fresh.

Big chunks of raspberries and what I appreciate is that even after opening, if we don't consume the whole bag, it holds its shape and flavor and doesn't soften like fruit we've tried elsewhere. Good!

Yummy, I recommend it.