Raspberries Lyophilized

75 Ratings

Nothing to fault. :)

Strong taste, crispy.

Very tasty, beautifully crispy and the smell 🥰

Golosissimi lamponi liofilizzati da aggiungere alle bowl oppure per colorare creme e impasti! Senza zuccheri aggiunti, completamente al naturale!! Top!

No dried faded tasteless pulp, but huge chunks of fragrant freeze-dried raspberries full of flavour! It really worked out well.

Wonderfully crunchy and tasting absolutely the best freeze-dried raspberries!

I don't understand how freeze-dried fruit could have been around for so long without me absolutely loving it. But it did! Crisp raspberries on warm oatmeal or cottage cheese? Oh yes, gimme! Unlike the fresh ones, they don't spoil in a few days, and they still contain all the micronutrients thanks to the way they're prepared.

Could there be anything more perfect... I love freeze-dried fruit and it's definitely not to be missed in any order! It's crunchy, sweet and insanely ADDICTIVE! I love it as a sprinkle in yogurt!

You can put them in yogurts oatmeal, pancakes and so on, tasty and last long!

Some of the best freeze-dried raspberries I've tasted. :D