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Ideal as an accompaniment to a meal. Delicate in taste

They didn't look tempting but tasted very good

I liked it.

We like it very much.It's a piece of meat that I use to spice up a salad and a baguette.Today I used a teaspoon of French mustard, a little mayonnaise, fresh dill and spread it on a baguette, salmon and arugula and it was delicious, a success at home. It's good tender meat.

My fav fish, super taste ready to eat great when not in a hurry

a bit too much oil for me, it's greasier, but otherwise great :)

A little greasy, but great for making a spread.

Compared to other competing brands, this one is probably the best, but I personally don't like the "fattiness" in this canned version of salmon. But who doesn't mind that, I think it's a great choice.

Very good, for pasta / salad super

yum 😍 if I don't manage to catch mealprep, I'm pulling out this canned salmon 👍🏼