Sandwich Bread

810 Ratings

It's so sweet and very soft

I don't know any better :)

I didn't believe that toasted bread could taste different, better. Excellent product, I really recommend it.

I'm into him. Must be at home!🙈

Great bread, it has a very long guarantee while unopened which is great because I can just have it in stock when I need it, very good taste and great ingredients

Excellent consistency and taste, I buy regularly for a long time.

Definitely the best 🥰

It's rather sweeter, not really suitable for toast. Both savoury and sweet toasts are delicious and those who don't like crusts will appreciate it :)

one of a kind in taste, only the price could be lower

Super toast 👍 - Taste very good (compared to the classic market tasted even without heat treatment), toasts with it were really great 🤩 Star down for the price and... Am I really the only one who is surprised that there are an odd number of them in the package? 😅