Sandwich Bread, ultra-soft wholemeal toast from natural-only ingredients

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Super toast 👍 - Taste very good (compared to the classic market tasted even without heat treatment), toasts with it were really great 🤩 Star down for the price and... Am I really the only one who is surprised that there are an odd number of them in the package? 😅

I will never buy any other toasted bread again, because the composition of the toasted bread from the shops is terrible. This bread is so much better in taste

The best tousle with the best composition.

This tootsie has no fault! It has no crust and tastes great.

Excellent. I recommend it.

The product is absolutely excellent. But the odd number is very impractical. But the biggest problem I see is that the two pieces I ordered came totally crumpled, even the toaster won't straighten it out. I'm not an influencer who winds up opening boxes, but in your case I should start doing that.

Hello Libuše, we are glad that you like the toast. However, we are sorry that the delivery spoiled your impression. We always want to know if your parcel doesn't arrive safely. It could be a faulty packing technique or careless handling during transit - I've emailed so we can investigate. Thanks for the feedback!

It is excellent,but it arrived completely deformed😔.

Hi, we're sorry to hear that. Check your e-mail. Have a nice day

Dobrej tousťák

Excellent, slightly sticky

I didn't expect her to like toasted bread so much! Soft, whole wheat, no crust, suitable for both savoury and sweet.