Scoop Neck Bodysuit

26 Ratings

Second skin, top!

Fits beautifully on the figure😇

I love it!!! ❤️ I had by the ocean, I use almost all the time. It definitely has a place in everyone's wardrobe!

Very nice material, just stretchy and a bit bigger, so if you are thinking between two sizes- take the smaller one.

Really like a second skin. I can't feel it at all when I'm wearing it. It hugs the figure beautifully and makes you look divine.

Slightly larger than the classic numbering

Very pleasant material. Fits perfectly on the body.

Great material. Comfortable and really gently firming body. I will definitely buy other colours.

Terribly nice points. It fits beautifully on the body!

Whole wrong it doesn't fit at all and just the cut is very deep