Seamless Ribbed Bra

116 Ratings

Great sports bra, I also wear it for everyday wear. Holds great even larger breasts. Doesn't pinch and looks great!

Quite large size, although I have the smallest, a little loose, but not bad

This bra will give you a beautiful cleavage while holding your breasts beautifully.

I recommend buying a size bigger because the bra is really tight. For sports and casual wear it is great!

I fell in love, I would walk around in this bra all the time, it is very comfortable and holds what it is supposed to hold nicely at the same time. Plus the sky color is just awesome, I definitely recommend it!

Comfortable, nice bra with super support🌼

Great stuff. Great for gym and sports, but great for normal wear too

Somehow it went wrong and I wear it all the time instead of exercising:)

It arrived yesterday and I have to say I am happy with it and it is extra comfortable and holds what it is supposed to. :) I could have done with a size smaller. I don't think I'd dare order one with big boobs.

The blue set is a must have! I also have one in pink!