Seamless Ribbed Bra

80 Ratings

Perfect material! I was a bit worried about how it would hold my breasts as it's a ribbed material, but it holds absolutely perfectly, it's firm and shapes nicely. Very satisfied.


material 12/10 ✨ makes a beautiful cleavage and keeps everything where it should !

Perfection, after trying it on I didn't want to take it off 😄

Beautiful, nice set! It stays where it should, is incredibly comfortable and nice on the body. Plus, it looks elegant enough to wear not only to workout😍Every order of clothes comes with a free return label in case the size doesn't fit. I was worried about the XS size, but it ended up fitting beautifully.

It fits great!

Absolutely great

A bra that conjures up beautiful cleavage from nothing! :D Everything stays in place as it should, the material is strong, ribbed and also very comfortable. We don't need to talk about transparency at all. I appreciate that the logo doesn't scream anywhere (it's only on the inside), so it can be worn with everything, even as a top :)

Great fit, nice material. I highly recommend.

I like the design of the bra, especially the round stitching in the back! The bra has padding that you can take out, however, I find them comfortable and the bra adds an extra "push-up" effect, which is really nice for us girls with smaller breasts.