Seamless Ribbed Shorts

116 Ratings

The best shorts are shorter bikershorts, but not too short and made of very nice material. I highly recommend them! 🫶

very comfortable shorts. I have them in two colours. The waistband is really high so it covers the tummy nicely. I recommend

Comfortable high-waisted leggings. The only minus is that they don't shape the butt enough and the edges roll easily when squatting. For me, however, they are one of the most modest I have.

I hesitated over the size, finally I chose XS/S. It fits beautifully, nice material. I can feel a little bit of pressure on my thighs at the end, but hopefully it will loosen up a bit. Otherwise, I definitely recommend it!!

Material 10/10, very comfortable and beautifully accentuate the figure. Size corresponds.

They are flexible and, most importantly, they don't fall off.

They look great and I love working out in them. They are very comfortable and squatproof!

Appearance, material, size all fit 10/10

Great! They fit perfectly and are suitable not only for sports, but also under a skirt as an additional layer to warm up.

Bigger waist