Seamless Ribbed Shorts

40 Ratings

As a wearer of large thighs, I really appreciate that the seam does not cut into the leg. I've had a problem with this in most shorts and bikershorts, but I finally found a model that is stretchy but firm at the same time. When squatting, the material keeps the color of the underwear nicely covered. So for me, great!

Fits beautifully, nice material, high waist, great for exercise and casual wear ❤️

Just like the leggings and bra, again very nice and strong material, you are not even sure if you are wearing anything at all, so WATCH out for that...the only thing I will criticize again is the missing seam between the cheeks...I just WANT it there XD

Do fitka i na bezne noseni, skvelyyy✨

Super, krasne drzi, libily by se mi ze stejneho materialu biker shorts :)

More comfortable sports shorts I do not have!!

Looking for shorts that don't cut, perfectly shape your figure and don't stretch out? bet on these from Vilgain!

They look and fit great, so hopefully they won't wear out right away.

great material, flexible, pleasant but at the same time they hold and do not move during sports. Really comfortable, I am satisfied TOP

The missing seam between the cheeks makes the shorts not make a nice butt, they don't stand out like other leggings. Otherwise nice material, high waist.