Seamless Ribbed Shorts

84 Ratings

Bigger waist

The shorts are perfect, they make a beautiful figure, I'm totally in love with them.

The material is amazing and terribly comfortable. However, size XS/S is too big for me and the shorts stick out at the waist (I have a circumference of about 64 cm), overall they are not as tight as I would like. Apart from the size, they are very nice.

Based on the reviews I probably had too high expectations. I bought size XS/S, I measure 158cm and they are big:( they are too big in the waist, I have to adjust them somehow to make them fit at least a little bit. I also don't have the feeling that they would fit my figure and somehow make me more tight, but that's probably the size - which Aktin can't do, they just don't fit me. Otherwise, the material is great and they smelled great.

great shorts, but sometimes they roll

Pleasant material, easy to wear

At first they felt tight in the waist, but they loosened up during exercise and have been very comfortable ever since. The material is great, together with a bra of the same line it's my must have for summer :)

best shorts for exercise, great material

High waist, they make a beautiful figure and are very comfortable even for casual wear

Comfortable and beautifully constricting! I wear them in summer and under dresses!