10 Ratings

It's so nice, I'm always sorry when I have to take it off. Beautifully warm and soft as a blanket, perfect for autumn.

Long beige sweatshirt, goes with everything, super comfortable and has a hood that has no seams

In a word, comfortable! I love sweatshirts and this one won me over right away! Warm, comfortable and especially good quality material. It goes with just about everything, so it's perfect for fall and winter right now.

The most comfortable sweatshirt!!

Soft as a teddy, soft as a freshly shaved leg and most importantly so comfortable! This is guaranteed to be the most popular sweatshirt in your wardrobe.

I wear hoodies quite often and this one is without a doubt my favorite. It has a very nice, yet high quality material, it's soft, comfortable and goes with everything. Plus, it's beautifully warm, which really comes in handy during chilly autumn days.