Sprouted Almond Butter BIO

28 Ratings

It's insanely good. The inscription on the lid, which points out exactly this /"Easy to open, hard to close"/ is absolutely accurate. You can't stop eating. Best nut butter I've ever had.

The best almond butter I've ever tasted. Amazing creamy consistency and sweet marzipan taste.

If any butters are perfect, it's these, made from activated nuts. You won't taste it, you don't know.

The consistency?!?! I love🤍

You can really taste almonds, but the flavor is so unique. I can't compare it with some other almond butters I already tried!

The butter tastes exactly like sweet marzipan! Yummy!

That's great! Divine taste and texture!

Truly the best nut butters (cashew and almond) distinctive flavor, the finest consistency. This is really a discovery!

Great for porridge :)

This butter really surprised me, I had another almond butter once and I didn't like it very much. But this? Bomba 🤩 I would need a bigger package!