Strawberries Lyophilized

124 Ratings

Great dried strawberries, crunchy and fragrant. A couple of times I found a grain of sand between my teeth which is not very pleasant.

1 child: 1 package/3 min

I'm buying for the first time 😄

They are great! They decorate porridge or cake beautifully and taste delicious 😇 I would need a bigger pack 🙈

Excellent, crispy.

Our kids can get tired of strawberries. So a handful in the morning cereal is perfect. Big slices, juicy.

Awesome 🖤 Beautifully sweet and crunchy, just what I wanted

I love ~ for eating, for decorating, for wrapping Energy balls, etc.

crunchy goodness with minimal calories and lots of vitamins :) great in porridge, yoghurt or just on their own!

Excellent, distinctive strawberry taste! :-)