Vilgain Strawberries Lyophilized

462 Ratings

Excellent! The size of the pack is also ideal. The price seems fine to me. I've bought smaller quantities for a very similar price before.

Great :-) I like it

Strawberries great, only the price is higher

delicious not only on their own but also in porridge or yoghurt

MUST HAVE - Excellent in yoghurt, porridge - strawberries soak up the yoghurt which enhances the flavour, long lasting and a great substitute when you haven't bought fruit

I use daily with porridge, great!

I love fruit and these strawberries are the bomb. Beautifully crisp and sweet. Perfect for mashing.

unfortunately, for the 2nd time the strawberries arrived dampened....

Hello, we are sorry if the product did not arrive in order! In such cases, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone +420 608 274 646. There is a message in the email from us to check the strawberries. Have a nice day

large sweet pieces

Some of the best freeze-dried strawberries I've ever had. They smell and taste like the fresh ones 🍓 They are perfect in yogurt, porridge or just as a snack.