Strawberries Lyophilized

306 Ratings

perfect, crispy, taste really as it should be. Could have been more in the bag, it was gone in no time :))))

🍓whether for breakfast with oatmeal or just a handful as a snack🍓

I didn't even taste it...the kids ate it...what more to say...

We buy this by the pound... my kids' Vilgain favorite product.

Mega crunchy and tasty strawberries!

Addiction 😁

Big chunks of lyo strawberries! Nice and crunchy and sweet. For yoghurt, a hit!

This is the ultimate trick when serving isn't your special skill 😂😂 Just mash the strawberries a bit and you'll decorate every dessert like a mega pro ❤️

Great this way in the winter when there's no fresh on hand. Very good to add to porridge for breakfast.

I order for the second time, as always excellent.