1200 Ratings

I'm starting a fight to keep this limit in permanent supply! And how does it taste? Like a healthier version of lotus spread! Warning: 10 out of 10 addiction.

Great butter. I knew love at first taste. Tastes like Christmas. Recommended by all ten.

Moje guilty pleasure, miluju!!

I recommend cinnamon-butter to cinnamon lovers. Hazelnuts with chocolate taste exactly like ferrero rocher :)

Very good soft butter

Vilgain nuts, I'll give you a dick

These butters are just an addiction 🤎 One spoonful and every day is nicer 🤍

I love it! First time I've tried it, but the taste is brutal.

Excellent!!! I don't know if I didn't notice it or if it doesn't say anywhere that it's crunchy, but I didn't mind :)))

Excellent butter💪