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Just Christmas in a glass! - Delicious butter with big chunks of crunchy nuts! The nutty "denseness" is perfectly balanced by the apple and cinnamon, they give it such a lightness that it would be no problem to eat half a jar :-D Very hilarious.


TIRAMISU: And that's what happens when you try to improve something that didn't need improving. Not that this new Tiramisu is bad. The butter itself is really delicious, beautifully smooth and creamy. But the original Tiramisu really only remotely resembles it. The main thing that bothers me about it is that it ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT taste like coffee at all! I've compared the old and new versions several times and I can smell the coffee in the old one, but not here. I don't know why the name Tiramisu, to me it tastes more like cheesecake. Again, the butter itself is not bad and normally I would be thrilled with it. However, if it is to replace the old Tiramisu, I say a definite NO. This is really a step backwards. BANANA BREAD: Of course, this is a very good one! In the case of the Banana Bread butter, I take my imaginary hat off to you, because you just don't see something so perfectly tuned! In the old R3ptile version, apart from the sandy consistency (but I could survive that), my main problem was the spices, which were too strong in the final version and completely overpowered the taste of the butter. Here it is the opposite! The butter is sweet, you can smell the banana (but not aggressively so) and it really reminds me of my favourite sandwich, and then the cinnamon only slightly enhances the overall impression. This is great! BANANANA/STRAWBERRY: Another absolute hit!!! And I just hope it's not another limited edition, I'd be really pissed off. :D Seriously, this butter is PERFECT in terms of consistency - I've never had anything so creamy! :) The strawberry flavor is very pronounced here, the banana rather less so, but that's not a complaint at all, quite the opposite! I give a really HUGE PLUS for the fact that the butter is not over-sweetened, but just slightly sweet - EXCELLENT! *** DEEP HAZEL NUTS/CAKAO: A huge and very pleasant surprise for me. I had this butter right after it was launched back under Aktinem and I really didn't like it then, it was too oversweetened and the flavor was bland. I don't know how extensive the improvements have been, but it was definitely for the better! The butter is still quite sweet, but it's wonderfully hazelnutty and tastes like melted hazelnut chocolate! :) For me very approved!


Great! - Yummy, yummy !!! :-*


For me much better than tiramisu from Aktinu, but! This version is more sweet (tiramisu is a dessert- so keep that in mind 😉 ), smoother and creamier in texture- it "flows" and is biteless (which was also the tiramisu from Aktinu, but just for info...), you can feel both the cocoa and the taste of cream cheese and at the end as a reverb sweet tone together with coffee. It tastes more like the sweet cream with cocoa from the tiramisu than the taste of coffee. So overall it's sweeter and softer, which just suits me better, as the tiramisu from Aktinu was too strong for me due to the greater strength/taste of the coffee. I should also add that of all the Aktin and Vilgain novelties, this is the most successful of the flavoured butters for me. P.S. In taste, and in measure of sweetness, it reminds me very much of Merci's cappuccino chocolate - the stick that is light on top and dark underneath.


Very good - The butter is just runny not too stiff just right with chunks of walnuts. I don't taste much apple flavour here, I mainly taste peanuts which form the base. The butter is interesting overall but didn't impress me much.


So this - Apple and cinnamon: You just have to have this, it's a total bomb! I hope the limit will become a permanent feature! I really like it, the sweetness of the apples, the strong cinnamon flavor, and those big chunks of nuts? Well, you just have to try it! Peanuts/cocoa: Nutella with peanuts, sheer porn!!! I can't close the jar, I have to hold on very tightly so I don't eat it sitting down :-D


I'm starting a fight to keep this limit in permanent supply! And how does it taste? Like a healthier version of lotus spread! Warning: 10 out of 10 addiction.


Liquid porn - I didn't have exaggerated expectations for a butter that contained some fruit and it shot me up all the more😍! This one was very good!


Perfection! - As a cinnamon lover, the new one from Aktin had to be in my basket ! :) and the reaction? Absolute perfection! Great butter with chunks of crunchy nuts ! ♥ This was love at first taste ! :D I need to have this divine butter all year round🙏


Christmas in hu*a - Tastes like liquid apple strudel :D very good! :)