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I'm starting a fight to keep this limit in permanent supply! And how does it taste? Like a healthier version of lotus spread! Warning: 10 out of 10 addiction.

both limits (mango, lemon cheesecake) are delicious, amazing consistency. With the mango one it's like biting into a mango, such a nice exotic. The lemon cheesecake really reminds me of lemon cheesecake!

This is a total bomb!!!😁 The first spoonful is always so delicious that I can't even describe it.😊 Just perfection. !

Absolutely delicious. Try not to eat it all at once. 😄😄

I LOVE IT!! Taste perfect, it exceeded my expectations

Úplne úžasné!!! Škoda, že tá cena je vyššia ale chutilo mi to tak, že to stojí za to 🥰

Lemon cheesecake - fresh and light cream, I felt the lemon there, I am very satisfied , I don't regret a lick ;) Banana bread- so it's so yummy. It contains some small pieces of biscuits, it tastes like cinnamon, but it's really delicious.

Flavour: hazelnut with chocolate A total blast! 1 teaspoon and a new addiction. <3

Great taste.

You just don't close :-)