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I'm starting a fight to keep this limit in permanent supply! And how does it taste? Like a healthier version of lotus spread! Warning: 10 out of 10 addiction.

God, don't take away our vanilla roll. This is the most perfect Vilgain butter. The flavor, the detail, and the creamy consistency. How I love it! I'm a believer in pure butters. But this is just YUMMY!

tak tak 😥

Incredibly tasty! Really very hard to close!

Beautifully sweet butter and a great combination of flavours❤️

Boom! I love peanuts with cocoa, but I also love hazelnuts with cocoa - it's like nutella.

Perfection itself

Just addiction

Toto je TOPKA

DO-KO-NA-LÉ! I have to do something to keep from eating it all.

In a word Perfect