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actually there is something going on!

It works - I feel an increase in sweating when I exercise, sometimes I wonder how much more I can sweat. My personal problem is just that I sometimes get a pain near my heart when I take 2 pills. But this is just due to the fact that synephrine can affect the heart in large doses, for me 2 pills is already a lot, some may not mind. Anyway, it doesn't affect function otherwise and I recommend it!

I don't have long-term experience yet (whether it really helps with fat burning), but I can confirm increased sweating. I was scared when I took it on a non-workout day on an empty stomach :D

Amazing thing - TOP product, definitely recommend:-)

Positive reviews - I have tried the product several times before exercising and I think it has some effect. I don't feel any more energized that I should be exercising. But I do feel like I'm sweating more and there is probably more burning.

Kupují pravidelne

Evaluation - Synephrine is working well so far after diet adjustment and increased physical activity I lost 4 kg after 14 days so for me it's great

Synephrine never disappoints - Whenever I have the need to get some help to burn fat faster, I choose Synephrine. It has proven itself to me many times in the past (albeit from a competing brand), so I didn't hesitate to try the one from Aktinu. There are days when I'm pouring out of me, then there are also days when I'm sweating commensurate with the exercise. However, I wouldn't blame the product itself - there's probably nothing wrong with a pure concentrate. Rather, it's going to be workout by workout and moment by moment - so I definitely recommend starting your workout within half an hour at most of ingesting it.

Met expectations - This product met my expectations.

Synephrine - Small pills that I take together with Gold cut, sweating and feeling more physical energy.

I recommend