129 Ratings

I love halva and this is just the same but without the sugar. A total blast for hummus, salad dressings and other goodies. Take it!

Perfect for homemade hummus

Too liquid

Great creamy and tasty :)

Mmm, I love it. I use it for salad dressings.

Best tahini I've ever had. Great taste and consistency.

To the yams from the hot air fryer?? PERFECTION! A must for your daily salad bowl.

I love that combination too! 😎 there's a bit of horseradish and hotness to it

Only 100% pure sesame seeds and no other unnecessary stuff. Great to pour on anything😍 Or make a classic hummus with tahini☺️

Beautifully liquid

excellent. I like it best in combination with apples and yogurt :)