Tapioca Pearls

100 Ratings

Very good product, easy to prepare and the result is worth it. I have nothing to complain about

I was worried about the texture, but it makes great puddings. Easy to prepare and tastes good with all types of plant milks.

Peck. When I ground up the flour, I could make homemade boba tea :)

A great helper when making pudding.

Okay, fine. And I love the resealable packaging.

Great for making Bubble tea / Boba, I also like to put it in my coffee

A great renewal of breakfasts as well as snacks. Just a little bit, they swell up a lot. ☺️

Worth leaving soaked preferably overnight, the pudding was delicious :)

I've been seeing tapioca pudding everywhere lately so I tried it too. I highly recommend it. Great change from cereal

I ordered for the first time out of curiosity,but certainly not for the last time,it was a luxurious pudding.