Vegan Protein Bar

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The bar has a nice natural flavour, you can really smell the cocoa and it's not too sweet which is good for me but it's a bit harder and doesn't have as much protein but it has quite a bit of fibre.

almond cocoa - bitter taste of cocoa, the bar is not too sweet carrot cake - the bar is artificial, sweet and has a strange aftertaste

Hi, the bars contain protein from beans, an unusual taste for many. If you can be "non-vegan", try the classic Vilgain protein bar: Have a nice day

Cinnamon latte yummy, consistency beautifully soft. Almond/cacao a little harder and sort of tart, if you prefer sweeter bars I would reach for another :)

Carrot cake- I guess I was expecting something more, this is not for me The almond cocoa surprised me mega, I wasn't expecting much after the carrot cake and it was delicious

Super vegan protein bar

Boom! I have no words,strongly interested. More flavors are on the way

Yummy! This is how the bar and I was pleasantly surprised. I even like it better than the classic protein bar from Vilgain

The bars aren't bad, but for those who don't like those raw date snacks they won't be much

Wow, that was so great! I think the cinnamon latte is the best Vilgain bar! The carrot cake is also five star, and the almond/cocoa is also delicious, especially for dark chocolate lovers.

Cinnamon latte is a sweetheart 😍 I didn't expect vegan to taste so good!!