Vegan Protein Bar

1443 Ratings

The best protein bar. I like that it doesn't turn into chewing gum in your mouth.

Great taste even better consistency 🤗 the only thing I would criticize is that for the price I would have expected a higher protein load in the bar :/

One of the best bars I've ever tasted. Only the latte was a little dry.

TOP! I can't wait to get it again :D

Absolutely divine vegan protein bars. I'll be buying again next time. They are beautifully soft. Just sweet.

A bar that's soft and just sweet enough and the flavour is cinnamon latte boží❤️

The composition of a delicious veggie bar. I like the carrot cake a bit more than the latte, but both have such an aftertaste.

The best was the cinnamon latté which was really tasty and had great consistency. I was pleasantly surprised, it overcame my expectations!!! The carrot cake and almonds/cocoa however were a bit too dry and the taste didn't impress me that much.

The first bite tasted weird, but from the second bite on the bar was great :)

The almond/cocoa flavor is an absolute addiction!! I didn't expect it to be that good at all 🤍