Vegan Protein Bar

933 Ratings

Výborné!! 10/10

I usually get such an aftertaste of chemistry in protein bars. But this one, it's really a carrot cake. The flavor of almonds, dates, carrots, coconut, vanilla...

Pleasantly sweet, the consistency is fine, the cocoa beans inside have a nice crunch :) The bar definitely doesn't feel artificial and the taste is natural.

Taste fine, just consistency a bit dry/dusty

If you like dark chocolate, you will love this protein bar!🤤 It won with me because of its consistency, it breaks down beautifully, compared to other protein bars❤️

For me the best and tastiest protein bars, especially the cinnamon latte. Great ingredients and soft consistency. ❤️

perfect, much better than the original

I liked it very much , but I understand if for someone carrot cake will be enough taste where the protein will smell a lot , but I did not mind and I liked it very much. I recommend

A nice bar, of a stiffer consistency, ideal for travelling as it has nothing to melt. Taste very clean and pleasant.

Delicate taste, I like them.