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Nothing to complain about 👍

Bottle great, but the bamboo cap does not hold on the cap.

Hi, if the cap is not right, please email podpora@aktin.cz with a photo and we will be happy to work with you to resolve. Have a nice day

Pleasantly simple.

I've been using it for a long time and it's great. Nothing to complain about :)

That water tasted completely different to me! Too bad my classmate broke it😣

great, I recommend it!

The bottle is really well made. After using it everyday for about 2 months, the top has slightly wiggled out, but nothing terrible that would hinder use. Unfortunately, my fault, I then broke it at the gym. I plan to purchase it again though.

Great bottle, at a great price 😉

The perfect bottle. Lightweight, strong, quality cap, no leaks. I recommend it, it is very easy to drink from, it has the ideal size of the opening for drinking.

The Vilgain bottle has a certain level of elegance that no other bottle can offer you. I have great demands and they have all been met.