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Protein King! - When I first heard about what a hit Aktin was going to be, I had no doubt at all that it wouldn't live up to expectations. And the reality? Protein is DIVINE! I totally appreciate the four-ingredient formula with no added sugars and other unnecessary stuff ❤️ Quality and good taste lovers, jump on it :)

I totally agree. 🙌 I also have salted caramel and I love both its pure ingredients and quality ingredients, as well as the amazing creaminess and essential aroma of caramel. 😍

Pleasant taste, no chemical tail, great for baking

Tasty, not artificial taste and lyo fruit in the counter - I've never seen that before. Super

Personally, I really like the subtle taste and the fact that the protein is not oversweetened like others with artificial sweeteners. I recommend trying a combination of protein, frozen strawberries and almond milk and blending everything together. Yum! :)

A great source of protein. Delicate and subtle sweet taste. I like to use it in smoothies, pancakes and porridges.

Excellent! Just sweet enough and it's great in porridge and just to drink! Yummy! I'll have to try the salted caramel that everyone raves about!

One of the few proteins that I like even just dissolved in milk. Salted caramel and cinnamon roll 🔝

The taste is not that strong, which if you use protein more as a drink is an advantage in my opinion and I would definitely reach for this product. I mainly use it in porridge, yoghurt or pancakes, so I tend to reach for variants that taste stronger and are sweeter. Ingredients, as always with Aktinu a hit:))

So far, it's worked well. A good friend that will help to gain weight, the taste does not smell of chemistry as in classic proteins, and the subtle taste of strawberries gives the protein a nice taste.

Super protein, both banana and scoricova roll 💪 not sweet and ideal for waffles 👏