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Protein King! - When I first heard about what a hit Aktin was going to be, I had no doubt at all that it wouldn't live up to expectations. And the reality? Protein is DIVINE! I totally appreciate the four-ingredient formula with no added sugars and other unnecessary stuff ❤️ Quality and good taste lovers, jump on it :)


Finally! - After 2 years of searching, after trying 70 different proteins, I finally found mine - without a ridiculously long formula, sweetened with stevia, unsweetened, fragrant, with great solubility, whey from the milk of Irish free-range cows... Honestly it's the best chocolate protein I've ever gotten my hands (and mouth :D ) on. I highly recommend it and can't wait to try the other flavors! Edit: Tried salted caramel in porridge, as a shake and in yogurt. It's amazing in all of them and although I wouldn't usually reach for this flavor, I loved it so much and it ranks as one of my favorites - even ahead of vanilla! All of the flavours are milky, reminiscent of a milkshake and simply won first place with me for their ingredients, taste and price :) Edit2: Of all the flavours, the most distinctive (and probably the most successful?) is hazelnut - chocolate. It tastes like blended highlanders, while not being over-sweetened. Of the fruity ones, I was very pleasantly surprised by the banana, which unlike other brands was not a yellow artificiality, but a pleasant taste that I would happily repeat. The pecan pie, being the newest addition to the family, didn't completely blow me away, but it's certainly not bad and tastes very good in cottage cheese!


Ingredients great, flavours average - There is no point discussing the great ingredients here. In this, Aktin really pulled out and among the competition rightfully wins on the full line. But other aspects didn't impress me as much. The flavours are unfortunately quite bland and bland (not related to the chocolate/hazelnut, see below), which is of course a tax on trying to use as natural and as few ingredients as possible. So if you're used to the perfect flavours from Bodylab, for example, then Aktin protein will inevitably disappoint you. Likewise, it is logically not suitable for flavouring various dishes (porridge, overnight protein oats, ice cream, cakes, etc.) because it simply does not stand out. And the last thing that bothered me a bit was the poorer solubility in water - even using 250ml of water per 1 scoop of protein, it takes quite a bit of work to get it to dissolve properly in the shaker and even then, you'll still occasionally get some lumps left over. The summary is simple - if natural composition is the only and main criterion for you and you wish for worse solubility, then Aktin protein is for you. If you also want to enjoy protein or use it in the kitchen for flavouring, then look elsewhere. Edit 18.4.2020: I tried ordering samples of the cinnamon roll, cookie and chocolate/hazelnut flavors and I have to say that at least with these flavors, the solubility problem disappeared, where after a while in the shaker they are beautifully blended. As far as taste goes, the cookie is on par with the chocolate and vanilla I've tasted before - not a strong, rather bland taste. The cinnamon roll is a little better at least in terms of flavour, partially offsetting the less pronounced taste. But then comes the chocolate/hazelnut and it makes you feel like you've had a protein from another manufacturer. A beautifully distinctive hazelnut flavour with no chemical aftertaste or tails. It's just downright good here and I'll happily buy hazelnut in a bigger pack in the future because it's not lacking. The Aktin has shown that it has what it takes and should try and bring the other flavours up to this level too. Then there will be nothing to criticize :) Edit 10.5.2020. It has a nice banana flavor and most importantly no chemical aftertaste that is common with most banana flavors on the market, so definitely a favorite for occasional diversification. The strawberry, however, is not so great. Bland in flavour and with problematic solubility, just like the original flavours. Edit 21.8.2020: last sample - pecan pie. I was really looking forward to this one, but in the end it's more of a better average, similar to the cinnamon roll - you're lured in by the lovely aroma, but the taste is kind of bland and average.


Hey I'm Aktin Whey - I think we've been waiting for this! The taste is really incredible, no chemical "tails" that often bother me. The chocolate is really naturally chocolatey and smells wonderful when you open it, which got me right away! Plus the ingredients are really top notch. I can't wait to try the other flavors!


Famous - So the pecan pie made me literally sh*t myself, when I opened the package I couldn't smell any of it and I wondered what I had bought again :D but after mixing it in the shaker and opening the lid, I figured it was just like buying a pecan braid or pie, the taste was subtle. for me the best !!! 15/10


Chocolate and hazelnut !!! - I finally discovered a protein that men drink all the time and I don't get tired of it after a while. It tastes like Nutella🤩 I definitely recommend it to everyone.


Quality, taste, price - great! - So this is a very pleasant surprise! When you see a protein with such a pure composition, you are afraid that it will affect the taste and the price. Fortunately, neither of those things happened in this case and I can say that this is a really tasty and very high quality protein. Great! edit: the new flavours banana and strawberry taste great again, for not having artificial sweeteners, hats off to you!


protein - Aktin protein us I'll just write OMG ! In our shaker, we have released a high quality protein without unnecessary artificial sweeteners, which is noticeable as soon as you open the protein , it contains guar gum which works as a thickener, which I use myself, for example in ice cream or creams, thanks to it the protein is creamy . I myself was surprised by the pure milk taste ! Who cares about quality, likes a subtle sweet taste, so this protein scores here ! I tasted salted caramel and chocolate ! The winning chocolate tastes like pure "poop" pleasantly sweet and fragrant ! I am afraid stevia is not necessary, I have a sensitive tongue for it and I didn't notice it here!!! The salty caramel reminds me of a creamy milkshake ! All in all, you want quality and nothing over-sweetened, that won't overdrink after your workout and lightly flavour your goodies in the kitchen ? For me, hazelnut currently leads the way still unsweetened but flavourful and tastes like tart ! Take it!!!


Excellent protein - There is nothing to complain about in terms of composition. However, it is also excellent in taste. Proteins from other brands that I have tried so far seemed very over-sweetened, and this one suits me perfectly because it is just sweet enough. People who like sweeter proteins will logically like it less.


hilarious - very tasty, in simplicity and purity beauty. i will look forward to other flavors