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Very good taste and not unnecessarily oversweetened like other proteins, so it does not get tired of frequent consumption at all.

Best protein. Not sweet and you can smell a lot of hazelnuts. I will definitely order again.

Active proteins are great both in taste and composition. When anyone asks me for protein recommendations - I always recommend Aktin protein for drinking. It's less sweet and a waste in baking. For baking I recommend other - sweeter.

Beautiful composition, excellent taste, just sweet enough, dissolves great 👌 For me flavor salted caramel, cinnamon roll or chocolate

As the biggest lover of anything with salted caramel in it, I had to try this flavor and I am most satisfied. It can be drunk on its own or I add it to my porridge. For me it is a favorite among proteins.

Protein is a versatile helper in the diet. It flavours porridge, you can bake ladesco with it, and at the same time you receive pure protein. The vanilla flavour is very variable, which is why I like it best.

Best protein I've ever had. And I hate the aftertaste of protein. :)

Excellent protein without any aftertaste. It is also excellent for baking goodies. :)

Not too sweet, pleasant taste of vanilla

Absolutely amazing