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Protein King! - When I first heard about what a hit Aktin was going to be, I had no doubt at all that it wouldn't live up to expectations. And the reality? Protein is DIVINE! I totally appreciate the four-ingredient formula with no added sugars and other unnecessary stuff ❤️ Quality and good taste lovers, jump on it :)

I totally agree. 🙌 I also have salted caramel and I love both its pure ingredients and quality ingredients, as well as the amazing creaminess and essential aroma of caramel. 😍

For me super protein, I'm not a connoisseur but when comparing it with gymbeam protein I find this one less sweet (which I rate positively) and more creamy. The disadvantage compared to gymbeam protein is worse solubility, but nothing terrible. Taste is great, you can't taste the powdery taste and I appreciate that most of all! The large selection is also great.

Taste ok.perfectly tuned

Super flavor to the porridge as made.

Vanilla - excellent protein without artificial taste with vanilla pieces. The sweetness is low, but that makes it great. Excellent after adding banana or PB. For porridge and baking it is great. The first protein I don't feel sick after drinking it, so I'm ordering again and can only recommend it. Cinnamon Roll - for cinnamon lovers who don't like artificial over-sweetened proteins, this is the perfect choice. I was pleasantly surprised that there is a really large amount of cinnamon in it.

Výborná chuť

Taste pleasant protein

moc dobrý! ale na čokoládový to nema

super taste, ok solubility (it needs a shaker with a sieve), not over-sweetened

I understand that a lot of people don't like it, but I'm quite used to stevia, so I don't mind it and I appreciate that the flavours are really subtle. A lot of proteins turn my stomach at how artificial and over-sweetened it is. This is a really nice change