Zip Brushed Hoodie

20 Ratings

Úžasná mikina !

If there's one thing I can't get enough of, it's this sweatshirt! In all colors, it's a must have at home!

This is exactly the sweatshirt I was looking for! Made of nice and high quality material. Inside it is gently insulated, so now for winter the perfect choice!

Nová fav comfy hoodie

As always very nice material and nice oversized cut!

Terribly comfortable

Hello, I have about 10 pieces of clothing from you, summer bike leggings, sports bras, black sweatshirts, leggings, I have always been very satisfied 👍,but unfortunately the last order of leggings and sweatshirts disappointed me, everywhere wrinkles both leggings and sweatshirts, the quality is no longer the same, perhaps it was just a different collection.

Hi Šárka, we are sorry if the leggings and sweatshirts are not in order. I've emailed to sort it out. Have a nice day

I don't know if I have a defective product, but the inside of the sweatshirt is leaking hairs, whenever I put it on I get black hairs all over me and I have to go straight to the shower to get it off... this is probably the first piece of clothing I'm not satisfied with.

Hi Veronika, thank you for leaving us feedback which helps us to improve our clothes. Try washing the sweatshirt inside out and shaking it out after drying. If you also have a dryer, be sure to dry the sweatshirt in it. Then the sweatshirt shouldn't leak anymore. Have a nice day :).