How do we make them so good?

To maximize your return on investment – every product embodies our 5 pillars.


Making supplements work is one thing, making them safe is another. We don’t use ingredients unless proven safe, and we never use banned substances or anything of the kind. During research, we focus on how long the ingredient has been tested for, and use the data for our dosage recommendations and cycling.


We don’t use luxury ingredients, we find the best ingredients for the price. However, there always comes a point where having the best – organic quality, for example – does make sense. Also, we sometimes use branded ingredients like Golden Omega or MagChel, because the quality is sustainable and often better than other sources, where quality is not very reliable. One of our motivations is wanting the highest quality products to be affordable even for students, so their potential is not limited by mediocre food & supplements.

It all works based on science, hands-on experience, and our NPD process

To ensure the functionality of our production, we rigorously go through science research papers. We also test products all the time – before and after release – and are constantly fine tuning to make them the best possible for this time and place.

Quality and purity of ingredients

We obsess over the quality, amounts, and purpose of the ingredients we use. We source from all over the world, striving to find the best at an affordable price. Every ingredient has its purpose in the product. We strive to make ingredient lists as short as possible, without hurting overall impact and experience.

Ethics & sustainability

We try and bring you the most ethical and sustainable products for the price. We seek out recyclable or already recycled packaging, while simultaneously ensuring your safety. We also use grass-fed proteins, lots of plant-based ingredients, and use the smallest possible amounts of materials when packing our products for transport – reducing costs and negative environmental impacts. Many of our ingredients are organic or sourced locally. Our meat is the product of sustainable farming, where the wellbeing of animals is ensured. We do care, the same as you do.

How we develop the products? Our NPD process

Our Needs

Everything starts by identifying our own needs and matching them together with yours. If we can’t find some kind of product on the market, we try to develop it.

Many times we are just not satisfied with what the market is offering, so we try to improve on what’s available.


We find all possible science papers and other materials on the ingredients. We brainstorm the nutritional facts, ingredients, flavours, and the possibilities of sourcing ingredients from all over the world, until we have our product specs ready.


Whether it’s done in-house or using an external producer, this process can take up to several months, even years. We strive for perfection with each product. Sourcing, combining, testing, failing, developing, testing, failing, until – finally – not failing, we deliver the result we want.


In the first place, this is done by us. If the product is performance based, it’s tested by athletes, gamers and other high performers.

If it involves cooking ingredients, we just cook and experiment until we’re satisfied all our requirements have been met.

10 years in business

We started with nothing. Now we have a wealth of experience in the sector, more than 3,000 scientific articles, and PhDs in our team.

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