100% nut butters

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Nut butters without sugar

100% nut butters are characterised by their absolutely pure composition without any added sugar or salt. Just like protein or sweet creams, they are perfect for porridges or yoghurts, for example, and thanks to their high quality, they are a great ingredient for baking or cooking. 100% nut butters are usually made from only one type of nut, but there are no exceptions for butters of several types. We offer:

  • peanut butters are one of the most popular "fitness" foods of recent times and are characterised by their high protein content. Yes, we know, peanuts are technically legumes, but they're called peanuts after all, so...
  • cashew butters are one of the sweeter nut butters due to their naturally higher carbohydrate content. So they can be a great alternative to sweet nut creams with added sugar.
  • Coconut butters are made by whipping coconut pulp. It can add a subtle exotic touch to dishes. The butter is also used in home cosmetics.
  • Hazelnut butters have a naturally sweet taste. Particularly rich in flavour are the so‑called Piedmontese hazelnut butters, the production of which is regulated and emphasises quality.
  • almond butters are characterised by their typically mild, bitter taste, which is caused by the ground almond skins. A sweeter version is thus the butter made from shelled almonds.
  • Pecan butter is a tastier version of walnut butter and is richer in fat.
  • Pistachio butters are recognisable at first glance due to their colour. They are characterized by their higher content of antioxidants and naturally occurring vegetable dyes, which are beneficial for eye health.

A common occurrence with 100% nut butters is the separation of the nut oil from the solid component. However, this is not a defect, but a normal behavior of nut butters that can be resolved by proper mixing.