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Canned fish

Fish is an elegant way to get a good dose of protein into your diet and, thanks to its omega‑3 fatty acid content, also to look after your heart health or brain function. Fish, especially oily marine fish, is also rich in a number of vitamins (especially B12 or D) and minerals. This is why nutritionists recommend eating fish at least twice a week.

High‑quality canned fish is a readily available and cheap alternative to fresh fish, which tends to be in very limited supply outside coastal areas. In addition, canned fish has a much longer shelf life without the need for refrigeration and without compromising some of its nutritional value.

The most sought‑after fish are tunaa nutritional bomb packed with protein, salmona luxury sea delicacy, and sardinesa great source of calcium and vitamin D. But you can also choose from tins of mackerel, anchovies or trout.

If you're looking for guaranteed quality without compromise, reach for Vilgainu's canned fish, where we're as committed to sustainability as we are to traditional processing. The bestsellers are tuna in its own juice, salmon fillets or sardines in olive oil.

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