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Breakfast porridge

High‑quality instant porridges reliably fill you up and give you energy for the whole morning. Breakfast porridges should contain complex carbohydrates, plenty of fibre and a good portion of protein. For flavouring, you can reach for honey, nut butter, nuts and fresh or dried fruit. In addition to the classic instant porridge, we offer:

  • protein porridge are supplemented with high‑quality milk protein (usually whey protein) to add important proteins to your diet. Some of the most popular ones are Semix protein porridge. However, with packaged porridges, you need to remember to ensure sufficient nutrient intake and prepare two porridges if necessary, or supplement the porridge with something else.
  • gluten‑free porridge are adapted for coeliacs or individuals with gluten allergy or intolerance. You can choose from rice porridge, buckwheat porridge , buckwheat porridge or corn porridge. Although oats are naturally gluten‑free, not all porridges can be considered gluten‑free due to different manufacturing processes. So always look for the gluten‑free label!
  • porridge without added sugar will come in handy for anyone who is watching every extra gram of sugar, whether for weight loss or other reasons. It is worth tasting minute porridge Vilgainwhich boast a completely pure composition.

Instant breakfast porridges are popular for their lightning‑fast preparation. If you're not a fan of instant porridge and want to get creative with your breakfast preparation, you can use oatmeal or other oatmeal.