Dietary supplements for memory and concentration

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Dietary supplements and vitamins for memory

The brain is the control centre of our nervous system, responsible for cognitive functions such as memory, attention and alertness. For the brain to function properly, it is therefore important, as with muscles, to ensure adequate nutrition. In particular, a sufficient supply of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on brain health, are anti‑inflammatory and protect brain cells from oxidative stress.

Whether it's exams, impending deadlines at work or the need to reduce fatigue and improve concentration, the right dietary supplements, ideally combined with a healthy lifestyle and quality sleep, can 'whip' the brain into better performance. Among the most popular dietary supplements for memory and concentration, the so‑called nootropics are:

  • ginkgo biloba is anti‑inflammatory, improves blood circulation (not only) in the brain, short‑term memory, concentration and also supports mental health;
  • lecithin, known as 'brain food', is involved in the formation and repair of cell membranes. In the body, it breaks down into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, thereby promoting memory. It occurs naturally in eggs, soybeans or sunflower seeds;
  • caffeine is a popular stimulant that delays fatigue, increases alertness and concentration. Its effects can be enhanced by joint supplementation with l‑theanine;
  • guarana is characterised by its high caffeine content. In addition, it also contains the stimulants theophylline and theobromine, which delay the feeling of fatigue and improve cognitive brain function for longer periods of time.

Cognitive function can also be supported by a number of adaptogens - substances that contribute to overall physical and mental well‑being. Among the best known are Ginseng, maca peruviana, ashwagandha, pink stonecrop, some vital mushrooms or mumio.