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Vilgain Energy & Focus Drink
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Vilgain Energy & Focus Drink ⁠–⁠ refreshing still drink, supports physical and mental performance, sugar and calorie free, sweetened with stevia
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Energy drinks

Energy drinks are often looked down upon for their potential negative effects. Inappropriate composition of inferior products, excessive consumption and easy availability are among the main problematic factors. Nevertheless, quality sports drinks have their place during periods of increased physical or mental stress. Among the most commonly used substances are:

  • Caffeine as the most popular stimulant that promotes physical and mental performance, is a component of almost every energy drink. It is advisable to control the amount of caffeine contained; some may contain up to 200 mg of caffeine (half the maximum recommended daily dose). Its combination with a synergistic theanine;
  • BCAA serve as a source of energy for muscle tissue, reducing fatigue and promoting performance. BCAAs are also important for promoting muscle protein synthesis;
  • carnitine affects the metabolism of fats, which are then used as a source of energy. In addition, carnitine can positively affect brain function or blood flow;
  • tyrosine stimulates brain activity, increases concentration and contributes to better mood and dopamine production.

It is perhaps impossible to imagine a classic energy drink without taurine, which is considered to be a powerful stimulant, although these effects have never been confirmed. However, according to some studies, it can have a positive effect on recovery and reduce muscle soreness caused by training.

Another problematic aspect of energy drinks is the high content of simple sugars, which are responsible for a surge but also a sharp drop in energy and, with frequent consumption, weight gain. That is why you will only find energy drinks without added sugar in our offer. The most commonly used sweetener is sucralose, often in combination with the sweetener acesulfame K. A suitable natural alternative is a sweetener derived from stevia.

Taste our refreshing and energising drink Vilgain Energy & Focus Drink with 120 g of caffeine and ultra‑pure ingredients.

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