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Fitness bars

Bars can easily stave off hunger at any time of the day, whether you need to replenish energy at work, before a workout or on a hike. Choose from these options:

  • Protein Bars Contain at least 20% protein (usually whey protein), supplemented with quality fats and carbohydrates. Every gram of fibre contained is a valuable plus;
  • muesli barssometimes also called cereal bars, are the familiar bars filled with flakes, pieces of dried fruit or nuts;
  • raw bars are made from all‑natural ingredients such as nuts, seeds, fruit or vegetable proteins. Raw bars are rich in naturally occurring sugars and are not cooked;
  • energy bars are very similar to raw bars. However, unlike the latter, energy bars can be cooked;
  • flapjacky are baked oat bars that provide energy in the form of complex carbohydrates. The oatmeal content makes them rich in fibre.

Our most popular fitness bars are those from brands Vilgain, Barebells, Chimpanzee and Bombus. You can also choose from vegan, gluten‑free or no added sugar bars. Already chosen?