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Vilgain Multivitamin Complex
Vilgain Multivitamin Complex ⁠–⁠ 26 active ingredients, 100 % of the daily dose of vitamins, supports immune, nervous and other functions of the body
90 capsules
17,99 €
(0,20 € / 1 capsule)
Vilgain Multivitamin for Women
Vilgain Multivitamin for Women ⁠–⁠ support immunity, healthy skin, hormonal and emotional balance, 100% of the recommended daily dose of vitamins, 47 active ingredients
90 capsules
19,99 €
(0,22 € / 1 capsule)
Vilgain Multivitamin
Vilgain Multivitamin ⁠–⁠ 13 vitamins and 7 minerals, high absorption, support overall health
120 capsules
16,99 €
(0,14 € / 1 capsule)

Multivitamins and multiminerals

Vitamins and minerals are an indispensable part of vital processes in the human body. Since most of them cannot be synthesised to a sufficient extent in our bodies, it is essential to take them in the form of a varied diet or dietary supplements. In addition to vitamins and minerals, multivitamin supplements may also contain certain amino acids, healthy fats, enzymes or probiotic cultures. Multivitamins, due to the support of the normal course of reactions in the body, promote:

  • normal energy metabolism,
  • proper function of the immune system,
  • normal brain function,
  • stress reduction, or
  • heart and eye health.

Due to the frequent monotony of diets or restrictions on specific diets, multivitamins and multiminerals are becoming a popular alternative that can help address multiple issues at once. However, they should in no way compensate for poor dietary habits that lead to deficiencies of health‑promoting substances. Taking a multivitamin may be particularly useful for:

  • vegans and vegetarians,
  • pregnant and breastfeeding mothers,
  • children and adolescents during the growth period,
  • the elderly,
  • athletes and
  • individuals with excessive physical or mental stress.

However, each organism may suffer from a deficiency of something else, and taking unnecessary multiples of the recommended daily dose of certain vitamins or minerals would not benefit it. Multivitamins should therefore be chosen "on the body". The substances contained in a multivitamin should not then be taken as stand‑alone supplements, as in some cases they may do more harm than good. When choosing, it is a good idea to go for the organic form - chelated.

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