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Vilgain Cold Brew
Vilgain Cold Brew ⁠–⁠ ready-to-drink, fruity and floral flavour profile, filtered water
Pure Black Ethiopia 200 ml
3,49 €
(1,75 € / 100 ml)
Vilgain Instant Coffee
Vilgain Instant Coffee ⁠–⁠ quality instant coffee, 100% Brazilian Arabica, strong bitter taste with sweet notes, low acidity
100 % arabica 100 g
4,49 €
(4,49 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Organic Fresh Roast Coffee
Vilgain Organic Fresh Roast Coffee ⁠–⁠ Single origin coffee beans from Peru, with a strong body and notes of chocolate, nuts and citrus, gently roasted with hot air
Peru 250 g
8,49 €
(3,40 € / 100 g)
Vilgain 100% Arabica Blend
Vilgain 100% Arabica Blend ⁠–⁠ quality coffee beans with the taste of milk chocolate, delicate notes of hazelnuts and the freshness of red apples
1000 g
17,99 €
(1,80 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Fresh Roast Coffee
Temporarily sold out
Vilgain Fresh Roast Coffee ⁠–⁠ selected, from the Brno roastery and with a thick sweeter taste
A mixture of Brazil and El Salvador 250 g

Quality coffee as a lifestyle

Espresso, lungo, cappuccino or flat white - just a small list of the different ways of making coffee that is enjoyed by billions of people around the world every day. For many, coffee is an essential part of their morning routine, their afternoon siesta and their overall lifestyle. Can't you imagine a day without coffee? Then you've come to the right place!

The basis of great coffee is quality beans. In our products, we make sure that the origin of the coffee beans is documented, as well as that they are artisanally and gently processed. That's why you can enjoy some of our coffees in Organic quality. You can taste the following coffees from our range:

  • Vilgain Cold Brew BIO is our ready‑to‑drink coffee bestseller, which is produced by 16‑hour leaching of Ethiopian coffee in spring water. The resulting coffee has a floral‑fruity flavor profile that you'll especially appreciate in the summer!
  • Vilgain Instant coffee makes you forget about the bad reputation of instant coffee. Ours is made from 100% Brazilian Arabica, has a high bitterness, moderate acidity, and thanks to its pleasantly thick and creamy texture, it excels in the preparation of coffee drinks such as dalgona, affogato or frappé.
  • Vilgain Freshly roasted coffee is a blend of Brazilian and Salvadoran coffee beans, processed using the honey method, in which the beans are dried with the remaining pulp. This processing makes the coffee sweeter and pleasantly acidic.
  • Vilgain Freshly roasted BIO coffee is a single origin coffee bean originally from Peru. The coffee blends notes of dark chocolate, nuts and citrus.

Our roasted coffee is regularly prepared in local roasters in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and quality. However, we do not prepare coffee until 10 days after the roasting date.

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