Whey protein concentrate

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What is whey concentrate?

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is a whey protein that is produced through a microfiltration process and usually contains 70‑80% protein. It is characterised by a higher fat and lactose content compared to isolate or hydrolysate. However, due to its lower purchase price and high efficiency, it is still considered the gold standard.

Why choose a concentrate?

Concentrate is the most sought‑after protein dietary supplement on the market, mainly due to its lower purchase price, which in no way reflects on the quality of the product. The main features include:

  • versatile use - a protein supplement or an ingredient in food preparation,
  • best price/performance ratio,
  • high content of essential amino acids,
  • natural BCAA content,
  • better taste - due to higher fat and lactose content, and
  • fast and trouble‑free digestion.

Whey protein concentrate is suitable during mass gain, weight loss, but also for supplementing the total daily protein intake. The concentrate is generally unsuitable for individuals with lactose intolerance (here it is good to be guided by your own sensitivity) or with an allergy to cow's milk protein.

If you don't know which protein concentrate to choose, try reaching for our Vilgain Whey protein, which features a 100% natural formula, is sweetened with stevia and flavored with natural ingredients, and comes from the milk of free‑range cows. Other popular options include Myprotein Impact Whey Protein or Prom‑IN Essential CFM Evolution.

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