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Vilgain Synephrine
Vilgain Synephrine ⁠–⁠ 10 mg synephrine in 1 tablet, natural origin, increase metabolic rate
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What is synephrine?

Synephrine is a substance of natural origin with a proven effect of promoting the burning of body fat. In extract form, it is used as a stand‑alone fat burner or as part of complex fat burners. Synephrine is suitable for recreational and elite athletes.

Effects of synephrine

Synephrine in the human body indirectly increases the rate of thermogenesis (heat production), which occurs using fat stores. In addition, through the activation of specific receptors, the overall energy expenditure is slightly increased. Thus, thanks to these processes, synephrine can promote weight loss, always depending on the level of physical activity and diet. Other effects of synephrine include appetite suppression or increased performance in strength training (alone and in combination with caffeine).

No negative effects have been shown so far with synephrine, moving within recommended doses.

Synephrine dosage

The recommended dosage is 10‑20 mg of synephrine per day, which is usually 1‑2 tablets per day. This amount is also currently the maximum daily dose allowed by law. However, higher doses (50‑100 mg) have been seen in scientific studies with no observed side effects, but it is advisable to follow the general recommendations.

Synephrine has been shown to have positive synergistic effects when co‑administered with caffeine or green tea extract. The recommended ratio between synephrine and caffeine is 1:10, i.e. 100 mg of caffeine per 10 mg of synephrine. Better results can also be achieved when combined with carnitine.

When to take synephrine?

Synephrine is most commonly taken 30 minutes before physical activity. Although synephrine, like other fat burners, can be taken outside of physical activity, it is the combination with exercise that provides the best results.

Synephrine has no stimulant effects and its administration in the evening and early evening has no effect on the quality of sleep. Care should be taken with substances taken together with it.

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